Laboratoria Psychoanalityczne Kuriery / Archiwum

Kurier nr 193 QUESTION OF THE SCHOOL Countering the Real/Conter le reel



13:00 – 19:00 C.E.T.

Introduction by Daniel Roy: Countering the Real

Session 1: Formation of the Psychoanalyst and the Desire to Know
Chaired by Patricia Bosquin-Caroz and Els Van Compernolle

Opening: Patricia Bosquin-Caroz
Joanne Conway  –  The Horror to Know
Charlotte Luyckx  –  Desire to Know, Knowing How to Be a Reject
Dossia Avdelidi  –  Supporting the Waste

Presentation by the President of the WAP Christiane Alberti
The Time of Formation and Moments of the Act 

Presented by Philip Dravers

Session 2: “In the Face of the Mounting Impasses of Civilization
Chaired by Daniel Roy and Eleni Koukouli

Opening: Daniel Roy
Abe Geldhof  –  Euthanasia(s)
Conversation with François Ansermet
Bilyana Mechkunova  –  Abandoned Childhood
Conversation with Daniel Roy and Eleni Koukouli
Khalil Sbeit  –  Little Hans: a Modest, Yet Necessary Response
Conversation with Gil Caroz

Lecture by Aurélie Pfauwadel: “The New Normal”
Discussion with Nathalie Laceur and Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff

Conclusions: Marina Frangiadaki and Jean Luc Monnier